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Shortcut to becoming multilingual

The Question

Many people have asked me this question, “what is the fastest way to become fluent in foreign language?”

The Answer

Build Reflex

Various people would have different answers but in my experience, the answer is to use it as much as possible. Fluency in language is like reflex.

In certain situations, you say certain expression without thinking.  The more “reflex” you build, the more fluent you sound in foreign language. To build reflex, you need to practice over and over.  

I have written the same pattern of phrases over and over in my notebook, simulated what I am about to say in my mind, repeated lines when I watched movies, and so on.


Practicing with real persons is also very important.  When the usage of a certain expression is inappropriate, you can immediately see that it is not correct by observing the person you are talking to. It is embarrassing to speak in a foreign language when you are not good at it.  However, be brave, and be confident.  

Build Your Content

Think that language is only a tool of communication.  There are many other ways to communicate.  What is more important is who you are, and what you have to communicate. Without anything to communicate, your language skills mean nothing. However, when you have wonderful things to communicate with the world, the world will find a way to communicate with you.


To conclude, the shortcut to becoming fluent in foreign language is to find a way to use the foreign language, and use it as much as possible, while you keep building your “contents.”

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